The early years were rotary music festivals, choirs, plays, and musical theatre. Then came the songs...
I like songwriting the most. Singing is a close second. Years of classical voice training with Royal Conservatory teacher Elizabeth Taylor was a great foundation for me. 

The guitar has been quite a journey. I like it most days. I started playing because I couldn't carry a piano to the beach... or rely on guitar players...It was a struggle like all new things, but, it brings me joy now, and it also gives the songs a boat to get across the water in. 
I like playing banjo because it's fun, and the piano because it's much bigger than I am. The didgeridoo, penny whistle, drum and harmonica are meditative.

I put together a 5 piece female band called Honeygirl which played from 2002-04.  It started with folk/rock/pop music and elements of celtic, gypsy, and bluegrass found their way in. We played lots of shows at folkfests, clubs and various other venues and had fun working together..

Cougar Annie Tales

In 2007 I moved to an off-the-grid historical homestead /garden located 33 miles North of Tofino. It used to belong to a settler who became known as Cougar Annie. Shortly after arriving I began writing songs about her very interesting life.  Here's a little more info on her:
While most of my research happened during the three years I spent on her land. I have since conducted interviews with anyone I could find that had a connection with her on Vancouver Island, as well as into Manitoba, and Alberta. This work led to collecting stories, photos, news clippings, and letters. After many years of writing and researching there is a show called Cougar Annie Tales. It is a solo theatre piece adapted with support from the Other Guys Theatre, director Kate Rubin, and the incredible Intrepid Theatre. 

Currently I am also developing another show called the Waterman's Daughter-

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***2012 Pick of the Fringe - Victoria BC***

Critics Choice nomination "Best New Play" 2012

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**** review - "Kadoski is a confident performer who has created a well-polished cultural addition to Vancouver Island's heritage." Amy Smart - Victoria Times Colonist****

"her musical ode to Cougar Annie is a treat to behold" - John Threlfall - CVV magazine

It’s great to see our unique B.C. history being kept alive in so appealing a fashion.

—Robert Moyes - Monday Magazine

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