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Edgedwellers are a new collaboration between singer-songwriters Katrina Kadoski and Peter Wahl. They have been crafting their ethereal folk-rock sound, merging original tunes and creating new works for the project. Plans to record and tour are underway.  They can play as a duo, trio or four piece band.

Ottawa born, Peter Wahl has been playing guitar since childhood, he also studied music at Humber College. While living in Red Deer he was involved in music tributes including David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, and Radiohead. He has recently relocated to Parksville, BC and has been creating a collection of original material. 

Katrina has been on stage since childhood. She is classically trained in voice, a multi-instrumentalist, and prolific songwriter. Last year she released a solo recording called “Dreamtime”, and has recently created a new one woman show about an Eastern shore writer/ actress / philanthropist, called ‘The Watermans Daughter’ about the life of Lilyan Stratton Corbin. She also continues her critically acclaimed one-woman musical drama about a BC pioneer-settler "Cougar Annie Tales".