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With the release of 'Dreamtime', 
Katrina Kadoski hopes to open hearts and 
console with haunting songs of comfort. 
“This album is like a hot chocolate on a
 stormy night. It is rich, dark and warm.
 It encompasses both the storm and the
 sweetness", says Kadoski. Of course, 
it is also about a journey, both
 personal and linear. 
Dreamtime has seven tracks on it and 
was recorded with 
Scott and Jen Smith at their 
Wood and Stone Room Studio. Jen and Scott, 
and their band, Naked Blue, have become
 a mainstay on the folk/pop scene. 
They quit their day jobs in 1991 and 
have been writing, recording and 
performing music ever since. 
Katrina met the ‘Smiths ten years ago 
at a songwriting retreat in Alaska and in 
January of this year they 
regrouped to record 'Dreamtime'. 
This past April they
travelled and performed together 
from Tofino to Vancouver. 
 It was a long and far odyssey from 
Alaska, to Baltimore,
 to Vancouver Island, and over ten years
 in the making.  
“Music has been a huge part of my life, I grew up listening 
to my grandmother sing, play fiddle, and accordion, 
and my father play guitar. I‘ve studied music, 
written songs, and been on stage since I was a kid.
” She knows who she is and her unique style of indie-folk-pop displays her practiced voice yet reveals a raw edge to engage listeners and guide them through the threshold of healing. 
"Some of the songs are very personal reflections of people I am in close relationships
with. Others are about my inspirations from digging into the cave of the heart and imagining the boundlessness of the soul", she says.  
One of her biggest transitions as a person and a musician came in 2007 when she moved to an off-the-grid historical homestead /garden located 33 miles North of Tofino for three years. " I had all this time in complete wilderness to dedicate to my craft and listen to my soul... and 
that changes you," she says. These years inspired Kadoski's most recognized performance; a one-woman show entitled "Cougar Annie Tales".
This Dreamtime EP release concerts will include performances by Katrina Kadoski with Scott and Jen from Naked Blue joining her, and also feature a set by Naked Blue. Katrina also has a 4-piece band called The EDGE-DWELLERS who are planning to record another new E.P. later this year, and will be joining in on the South Island shows.

"In her new EP Dreamtime, Katrina Kadoski's voice whispers and soars seamlessly...her songs here are stronger than ever. '... This record feels very Canadian, and very heartfelt. It is filled with hints of bigger stories, making you want to return to visit them again, to dig a little deeper and discover a little more each time...
- James Kasper, 101.7 CIVL fm, singer-songwriter & Founder, 
Mighty Speck Records/Vancouver Island Music Awards